For sale is my gorgeous 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia for $180,000 USD. I purchased the car from the Montreal, Canada Ferrari dealer. The car was on consignment from it's original owner and mega Ferrari enthusiast collector. The car was meticulously maintained and driven daily. I bought the car with ~38,000km and have put around 6000km in two years of ownership. I'm an auto enthusiast myself owning a variety of rare and/or heavily modified vehicles in German motorsports. Stepping up to the Ferrari was a childhood dream come true. But I'm going to move on from my first Ferrari to new ones but always remembering where I started. For those unfamiliar with the 430 Scuderia... here is a brief history of reviews followed by a gallery of ILBOMBO, my Ferrari.


This is the actual car that is for sale. I filmed this on May 21, 2016. It has installed: Capristo Headers with stock catalytic convertors and muffler. Video starts with muffler bypass active, and at 51 seconds the muffler bypass deactivated (factory sound & behaviour)

And finally, photos of my Scuderia.  The gallery here are photo's taken on May 21, 2016. The colour is different from the photo's in the second gallery because I used a professional Nikon with a prime lens (obviously better quality) in a totally different lighting.

This gallery is from a photo shoot in late 2015 where the light wasn't good but I snapped a few anyways. You'll notice a small pieces missing from the bumper... this are my GoPro mount locations. I film and photograph a lot so it's easier to just leave these pieces off and not risk breaking them. When I sell the car, all the pieces are includes. It's perfect.